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7 Factors to Consider for Selecting the Right Digital Marketing Agency

As an entrepreneur or key stakeholder of company what steps you usually take to identify the right digital marketing agency for your business?

  1. Search google
  2. Ask people in your network
  3. Browse options on social media
  4. Post question on a platform like Quora
  5. Refer to business directories.

These could be your probable answers. But unfortunately, after doing any or all of them you may end up confusing yourself or a state with no clear answers.

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is crucial as your investment and brand image are at stake.  On the other hand, the barrier to entry in the digital marketing ecosystem is extremely slim or none, this results in option overload.

Identifying the right digital marketing agency seems very tricky, isn’t it? We ought to tell you, it’s not!

Here we have grossed the factors that can help you identify the right digital marketing agency for you.

[1] Let your Business Goals Direct You

Your digital marketing goals are something that can help you identify the right fit for you. For example: If your goal is to establish your brand’s presence on Social media, you can opt for an agency that has a proven track record of handling social media of companies of all sizes and check their projects on social media. This way you can save yourself from the disappointment of hiring someone and later realizing they cannot help you deliver the outcomes you are expecting. To identify the goals, involve your team members and identify what is most important for you. In case you have multiple goals, there are “full-service” agencies that can help you with the action plan on what needs to be done.

[2] Check Agency’s Credentials

Checking the Agency’s website is a quick trick. But do not get deceived with the numbers represented. Analyze the client list of the agency, it indicates their experience; however, services like SEO and content marketing are difficult to display, but the detailed analysis of the client’s case in terms of success stories and case studies along with checking the client’s content positioning in Google ‘s search results, evaluating keyword distribution in the text, etc can help you get there. In the case of website development, social media marketing, etc see a well-put-together showcase of the type of work they do, it will answer your doubts. Besides this, it is essential to analyze certifications, partnerships, services, social feeds, etc of the agency to justify their claims.

[3] Learn from Experience

While going through the Agency’s website and analyzing the client’s portfolio is a one-step, the next is to hear straight from the clients of the agency. Right from reading the testimonials & reviews on various platforms to reaching out to the professionals whom the agency has served in your industry can help you understand the right choice for you. Don’t forget to observe the client list of the company and the type and size of the organizations it represents. Also, make sure the agency you hire has the right team members to suit your project. If the website fails to provide you information, check the platforms like Linkedin.

[4] Values Alignment

While partnering with the right agency, it is essential to choose an agency with values and culture similar to yours, else you will end up working with the people who do not value your culture and operate in a different environment. For this, it is essential to go through the agency’s answer to what they do, their core values, mission, vision, etc, and figure out if they align with your values and culture. If yes, you can go ahead, else can move out to some other option.

[5] Do some Reality check

While anyone can make exaggerated promises and claims, it is utmost essential to check the facts yourself. There are few ways you can do it like checking the agency’s website, its design, interface, social proof, paying close attention to their promises, claims, communication channels, etc. This will help in performing a reality check. As no agency can keep up with its promises if they are exaggerated and outlandish.

[6] Assess if Agency is easily Approachable

Ideal digital marketing makes it effortless for visitors to get in touch with them. Regardless of what page you are on, the contact should not be click away with a well-defined call to action that guides you on what can be done next. The simplified process and easily approachable agency are what one should look for to save themselves from being stressed out later. Multiple options through email, phone and other modes add flexibility. One can also meet the professionals, feel their organizational environment, technical capabilities, determination, etc to make the right choice.

Analyze Money Vs Value

While investment cost and budget are crucial factors, choosing a pocket-friendly digital marketing agency is not always the right decision. Serviceability and delivery of results matter. There are several tips to economize like Cost-benefit analysis, selecting packages as per needs, future growth plans, etc.

Every business is unique and needs equal attention, the digital marketing agency that caters to each brand no matter it is a startup or fortune 500, with the same approach and dedication can bring your ideas to life. While it is overewhelming to find out the ideal one, but we hope you now know what to look for in a digital marketing agency and how to evaluate their work. Act wisely! We hope this blog serves as your checklist.

Still not sure which digital marketing agency is ideal for you? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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