How Digital Marketing Helps Startups

If you are a Start-Up, your brand awareness is very important to land clients for your business. Especially in the early stages, your brand promotion is critical as reaching and connecting to your target audience is not a cakewalk. Being a Start-Up, you don’t know where and how to market your product or service on the internet. You might stumble if try to delve deeper into the realm of digital marketing, without any experts’ help; for instance, finding essential details like your main target, what’s your goal for social networks, identifying your competitors, and how you can overcome your potential threats, and a lot more. And being a Start-Up, you are a growing business yet to create footholds in the business world. Fierce competition makes you insecure and crafting way out is what you need to do on an urgent basis. How? Digital Marketing is the answer. Let’s explore deeper into it and see how digital marketing can help your business to grow and thrive in this competitive world.

Role of Digital Marketing for Start-Ups

Being a Start-Up means having tough competition with your peer group, as well as with all the renowned and established companies, enterprises that already have an established customer base. You are also competing with their massive digital marketing campaigns, promotional online marketing, wide social media dominance, etc. Moreover, it depends on the type of business (product or service) you are dealing with. If you are a Retail Start-Up or a Technology Start-Up, digital marketing helps both types but tactics vary. In technology Start-Up, there occurs a lot of changes in the development cycle, and to start any marketing or branding program, it has to come out with a ready Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first. So, how digital marketing can help you in your business growth? Two things are basics to digital marketing –

  • Your specific business
  • Your target audience

And the basic role of digital marketing is to help your Start-Up reach, and exceed your business goals! How?

  1. Defining Your Brand

Digital Marketing helps your Start-up to outline, define your brand guidelines. Defining a brand involves your area of business, your goals, varied stakeholders who are directly/indirectly contributing to your business goals, whether you are a b2b,b2c business type, and then your vision and mission, all these are the major attributes that are taken into account. It helps create your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your brand voice, and the likes. Defining your brand helps to customize the campaigning and marketing plans most suitable to your business type.

2. Creating your Buyers’ Personas

Digital marketing helps your startup to connect with your target audience. Means, your specific business is connected to your specific audience through specific marketing channels. It helps to attract customers to your brand. Digital Marketing helps in defining your audience and then reaching out to them for marketing your product or service to them. It helps you reach those audiences you don’t know who they are. It creates your buyers’ personas. This means you will come to know who are your prospective buyers, ideal customers. It is a document that will include the following demographic detail:

  • Name
  • Age-Group
  • Occupation
  • Geography/location
  • Income bracket
  • Their social media activities
  • Favorite social media platforms/channels
  • Their way of researching desired product/service online
  • Their buying history and future tendencies
  • Predictions/valuable insights

3. Devising SMART goals

Digital marketing helps to devise your goals in a smarter way. After having settled your buyers’ personas, digital marketing determines steps that will compel them to drive towards your brand, product, or service. A credible digital marketing agency can drive your business to achieve the target goal by devising meticulously planned step-by-step strategies based on SMART goals. The SMART goal stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely goal. It helps your organization in framing strategies for meeting short-term/long-term business goals.

4. Optimization of Content for Search Engines

Digital Marketing helps you spot the time your prospective customers, i.e. visitors visit your website. So, when you come to know that visitors are browsing, that time itself you can grab their attention and put your best foot forward to convert them right away. These website visitors happen to be your target audience. And how come they visit your website? Via your content and the way, it shows up in varied search engines like Google, Alexa, Bing, Amazon search, etc. How can you do all this optimization work yourself? Thus, optimizing content for search engines is a dedicated function meted out by digital marketing. SEO or Search Engines Optimization is the buzzword today that can drive your business to a greater height!

5. Engaging your Audience via Personalized Emails

Digital Marketing helps you reach your target audience on a personal level addressing uniquely each of their needs. If you are a b2b  Start-Up, email campaigning can be the most ideal tool. The power of email campaigning is so massive, as per a survey, for every dollar spent, the return value (ROI) is $44 on average. It becomes very meaningful when you send a personalized version of email to your target audience, and this is where digital marketing helps you to connect to the pulse of your subscribers, who eventually will turn up to open your email and drive to your website.

6. Creating Customer Service Channels

Contrary to offline marketing, the scope of digital marketing increases with out-of-the-box customer service programs that can help you bond with customers/clients directly. Because in the digital world, customer service is just another marketing channel for your business. If you are a b2c Start-Up, you can win your customers’ confidence by providing online customer support 24*7. Digital Marketing suggests the best digital tools, AI-ML-based NLP chatbots ideal for your business. Live chats, telephones, email, social media, articles, and FAQs on your websites, etc. are other customer service channels you can create.

7. Analytics based Insights and Tracking Results

Digital Marketing helps to measure the results you are getting from all the measures and activities you are incorporating for your business growth. Which strategy worked well for you and which failed, what are your customers’ favorite choice of products, consumers’ behavior, your competitors’ status, etc. are brought to the fore. Tracking and measuring results, predicting analysis, and collecting insights, all are very important steps that you should give priority.


Digital Marketing is the soul of your business. Because you can start your business journey at your will, retaining and excelling is in the hand of your digital marketing tactics. Your brand awareness, product/service promotion, getting leads, building and retaining customers, making sales, and of course, fetching a big ROI is how a digital marketing company can help your Start-Up to grow in the industry at the global level.

If you are a startup willing to take your brand awareness to the next level, get in touch with our experts.

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