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Manal Agency – The Brand Story

A brand is an identity that companies use to distinguish their product from others. It is a valuable asset that represents the face of the company. Digital marketing enriches these brand images with its multiple tools. We often hear how a startup has become a niche brand in a short time span, all thanks to digital marketing tactics, that utilize creativity to increase online presence, traffic, and optimize marketing processes to paint the brand image in front of modern consumers.

With the emergence of ‘finger-tip’ society, digital marketing has never been more relevant and necessary for businesses of all sizes to ensure they are just a click away from their consumers. This disruption has also made companies realize that if they are not findable on the web, they will have a hard time getting in front of the modern consumer. Gradually online traffic is becoming significant than foot traffic. Today the biggest organizational risk is not losing market share but becoming obscure to the point of irrelevance. Just as the online world has become more important and relevant to the functioning of our society, digital marketing has become essential to success for businesses that operate within that society.

To stay relevant, every business owner has digital marketing in the back of their minds; however, they struggle to integrate it into their current marketing strategy. On top of that, there are hundreds and thousands of digital marketing agencies that specialize in providing specific services. These unlimited choices create confusion and chaos.

Manal is evolved to help the brand obtain direction and focus along with a powerful online value proposition within their budget. It caters to startups, SMBs, and Enterprises with the same approach and dedication. Its result-driven approach and holistic strategies help to promote the brand differently. The company encompasses a wide range of digital marketing tactics to empower a brand in creating and amplifying its own identity online and exists to implement the story of the brand in advertising strategies.  By leveraging its in-depth knowledge, experience, and multidisciplinary seasoned team, it offers a portfolio of a wide range of services under a single roof.

The name Manal sounds Unique, right? There’s a story behind it!

Manal is an Arabic-originated name, that means attainment or achievement. It signifies the result-oriented approach the company follows and its determination towards achieving its client’s business goals.

There are a host of digital marketing hacks;  however, a certain hack can work well for one company but might become ineffective for another. It is therefore essential to choose the right one. The list of digital marketing tactics and key area are long but the most important ones are here:

  • ROI Based Marketing

Every business owner expects fair returns on its investments. By deploying various tools, platforms, and techniques, like SEO, SEM, social media paid advertising, influencer marketing, and much more this objective is achievable.

  • Digital content creation

Content is recognized as the king, whereas conversion as a queen. A digital marketer can generate leads and increase the conversion rate by engaging and impactful content services that can be reflected in websites, social media posts, blogs, articles, whitepapers, etc.

  • Video production and photography

Video tops when it comes to easy content consumption. Today promoting the brand through video is considered a very powerful digital marketing tool. Whether it is marketing the brand, product, or service, engaging on social media channels, educating the prospective and current customers, and interacting with them, video plays the trick.

  • Technology and Design

To establish the brand identity, it is essential to design a logo, website, or any digital platform that is unforgettable. Creative and unique designs can create that “aha-moment” for the brand and make the brand easily recognizable by its customers.

  • Advocacy and Influencer Management

Advocacy strategies help the brand in increasing its social reach. The social advocates of your brand can help you generate engagement, leads for you through their social networks and communities. It is therefore essential to nurture them. Also, influencer marketing is one of the leading strategic initiative that you can capitalize to build trus and influence key audience.

  • PR, Media Planning and Buying

To complete a marketing initiative successfully, a blend of online and offline media outlet strategies is crucial, media planning is the technique to thoughtfully source and select these media outlets and deploy them to connect the consumers with the brand.

  • 360 Event Management

Events like one-to-one interaction with media and round tables can convey the brand’s voice, its mission, values, etc to the consumers, engage them and create a loyal customer base for the brand.

  • Digital Analytics

Without this service, all your marketing efforts are in vain. Digital analytics is essential to identify the direction, gaps, and any changes required to your marketing efforts. Getting insights, and ensuring if your money is invested in the right direction by examining various aspects of digital marketing is what digital analytics aims to achieve.

Good digital marketing tactics make your brand looks smarter; however great digital marketing tactics will make your customer feel smarter. The tactics that help you to get up close to your audience and give them a real glimpse of the brand are here to stay. While Digital Marketing is very dynamic and requires experience, knowledge, and deep research to materialize digital marketing tactics, it is essential for a brand to rely only on experts. Manal could be an ideal partner for you as it blends the right mix of tools at the right time while designing your winning strategy.

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