The Top 7 Cs of Digital Marketing

If you are a Start-Up, SMB, or Enterprise, connecting and networking hold paramount significance in business dealings. Irrespective of your business soaring or facing umpteenth challenges, whether you are struggling for business growth, multiple factors account for all. Digital Marketing happens to be the underlying facet of your business upbringing whichever industry you belong to. Communication is the core of digital marketing. Digital marketing incorporates strategies conducive to business types, but the basic framework for communication remains the same. Let’s find out the major 7Cs of digital marketing and how they are helpful in your day-to-day business processes.

  1. Content

Do you know that content dominates the digital world? Content has many formats – Videos, ,blogs, images vlogs,articles, newsletters, whitepapers, FAQs, infographics, podcast,etc. Content is the significant tool that modern marketing deploys to attract prospects, and facilitate business outcomes. Combined with adequate statistics & proof, interactive, engaging content compels users to interact and influences their decision-making process. Content in digital marketing is also seen as a source of revenue generator because you can monetize content.

2. Convenience

Whether you are a b2c or b2b business, you are required to go to customers to the place they are, and not the vice-versa. Put convenience as a mandatory tool to reach your target customers. Do you know that people love to show up across social channels? Your prospects are habituated to virtually hop in, casual outings on varied shopping websites, business sites, and they prefer convenience to do all these activities. This consumer habit is indeed fanning the online trend in the market,  absolutely based on people’s convenience. Digital Marketing focuses on this aspect and bridges the gap between your business and customers via smart devices and related digital tools & techniques. 

3. Customer

Your prospective customers and the current ones, too, are your target audiences. No business in the entire world can appeal to a whole lot of universal audiences. You are required to create Customers’ profiles specifying their unique personas. Their demographic details such as your customers’ likes &  dislikes, their preferences for a certain product/service, changing moods & behavior, all contribute to the positioning of your brand in the market. Digital Marketing adopts this C as a primary communication tool. This allows you to know about your target audience and their online presence in the digital medium. Categorizing them according to demographic detail helps to create the path for targeted marketing.

4. Communication

Communication carries a significant position within the framework of digital marketing. It is the foundation ground of any business dealings as well as entrepreneurial endeavors. How’d you attract your clients to you? By interacting with them. How’d you interact? Going for the best medium of communication suiting your requirement at that moment! Digital marketing realizes this goal while smartly infusing the magnificent C to your business communication system resonating with your brand. Your ability to convey your brand story effectively to your customer is what is promised out of this C.

5. Collaboration

Digital Marketing involves  Collaboration as an essential element that helps to enhance brand reflection in the market. Varied stakeholders, internal and external resources, departments, teams, etc. are deliberately connected, collaborated to contribute their share of responsibilities that echo their dedication to the company they work with. Your business is highly dependent on the mutual collaboration of your staff members, varied teams across departments, rapport sharing & building. Ultimately, all these collaborative efforts lead to reflect a robust image of your organization in the eyes of global customers and clients.

6. Competition

 Digital marketing incorporates tracking, monitoring rivals and competitors of your business. The very C (Competition), amounts to spotting the potential threat, doing a perfect SWOT analysis, and then formulating the most ideal plan & strategy for pulling you out of this challenge. All the modern digital tools, technologies do act as facilitators fetching you a competitive edge over others.

7. Conversion

What should be the ultimate goal of your business? Do you want the best returns for your investments? How to devise perfect business strategies? Digital marketing methodically attends to this significant aspect and treads calculative steps. Its utmost priority is to boost, drive the scope of sales towards revenue generation. Digital Marketing creates a customized path that attributes to the ultimate conversion goal of your organization. Conversions come from PPC, email marketing, SEO, content marketing,  etc.

Final Thought

Digital marketing is the modern way of incorporating marketing activities for all types of businesses, across industries, at a global platter. It is the fine blend of the wide range of tools and techniques, modern digital technologies that give a complete shape to the very concept. The 7 Cs are, therefore, the fundamental elements that empower digital marketing towards the overall functioning of the core jobs leading to business growth.

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