Top 5 Free Live Chat Apps to Boost Your Marketing & Sales

Be it complaint filing, social chatting, interactive surfing, emergency guidance, or counseling, next-gen customers are looking up to the live chat to get a real-time solution to their issues. The use of chat applications has been very massive, almost everyone uses at least one application to exchange messages.

Today, 74% of consumers expect to encounter a live chatbot on a website and businesses have saved an average of $300,000 from their LiveChat tools- Forbes. What could be the reason behind its massive success? Consumers say LiveChat’s are better because they are available 24/7, they reduce hold times, and are quick in routing to the right team [Intercom survey].

Beyond B2C applications, these live chat systems are increasingly being implemented in two other domains: B2B and internal. So, be it collaborating with suppliers and vendors or using it for automating processes in HR, IT, procurement, or simply developing employee insights, a live chat can do a trick. This makes LiveChat one of the most important technology trends.

Why your website needs a LiveChat Tool?

  • Lead Generation

LiveChat offers an instant connection with your customer, resolve their issues and adds confidence in their purchases to convert them into buyers.

  • Customer Service

LiveChat makes your business more approachable, as it can communicate with the customers in real-time, is available 24*7, and can route to the right team instantly.

  • Sales

A LiveChat can fetch over 20% increase in conversion rate and most audience prefers to buy from sites having the live chat feature to get a response quickly. Thus, it can boost lead sales and automatically qualify the leads.

  • Troubleshooting

For technical products or services, the LiveChat can provide step-by-step instructions along with screenshots, links, demos, co-browsing, etc. to enable users to better understand.

  • Time Saver

These LiveChat’s are multi-taskers and permits many alternatives for chat distribution or deployment, to save time and money.

So now that we’ve seen the numerous benefits a live chat can offer, you must be thinking to develop one for your business. If you are willing to adopt it, a free option can help you. There are several free Live Chat options available in the market. Don’t get overwhelmed, as we’re going to gross the best ones for you.

Let’s see the top 5 Live Chat Apps in 2021 for your business.

  1. Comm100

Price: Free (Lifetime)

Comm100 is a free cloud-based LiveChat tool that allows real-time communication with your customers. The tool can handle multiple chats simultaneously. It allows to customize the chat button and windows and offers a 13+ language interface and features pre-scripted canned messages, spell-check, keyboard shortcuts, chat transfers, chat monitoring, and much more with iron-clad security.

2. Chaport

Price: Free (Lifetime)

Chaport is a modern messenger that allows you to talk to your customers in real-time via live chat, solve their problems quickly, and make more sales. Be it a Facebook, Telegram, or Viber, the tool allows you to respond directly from it. The tool is ideal for insurance, financial, and home industries, which requires lightening speed communication with its customers. The powerful features like auto-invitations, typing insights, saved replies, customer info, group chats, etc make it a must-have tool for businesses.


Price: Free (Up to 5 team members & 100 Contacts) is a messaging platform that connects customers from any channel to every team with a revolutionary speed. The tool allows you to co-operate on conversations and deliver amazing customer experiences, faster. No matter what the channel is, it allows you to get the single story of the customer and have modern features like tagging, assigning, and automated replies to messages.

4. LiveAgent

Price: Free (Forever)

LiveAgent is another great free LiveChat tool that has 130+ ticketing features and 200+ integrations that features a stylish chat widget. LiveAgent is powered by automation, smart chat routing options that enable users to chat with agents that are best equipped to provide them with the right type of assistance, and much more that is essential to convert website visitors into paying customers.

The free version allows you to access 7-day ticket history, chat button, basic reports, customer portal + service; however, if you’re in need to avail advanced features upgrading to the paid version is essential.

5. Smartsupp

Price: Free (For 3 Agents/Forever)

Smartupp is a popular name when it comes to Live Chat tools. The key features include an agent dashboard, customization options, multi-channel support, automated messages, visitor overview, statistics, video recording of visitors’ screens, and Out-of-the-box integrations and API.

A website without a Live Chat tool is more or less similar to the physical store without the shop assistant. It is, therefore, essential for your business website to integrate Live Chat. All of the above free live chats come with limited features, as your business grows or starts to require more sophisticated capabilities, you will require a paid version.

If you want a LiveChat for your website that is fully customized as per your needs and fetch the leads for you, we’re here to help you. Connect with us.

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