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The consumption of online video has seen a sharp rise in recent years. People are uploading videos on social media, so naturally, businesses too have hopped aboard the bandwagon to share marketing videos. 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms. (Tubular Insights). Forward-thinking organizations have already included video marketing into their strategic marketing plan. Those who failed to include it will do so at their peril, as it provides immense opportunities for businesses to evoke emotions, appeal to the needs of the audience, and engage with their emotions.

Businesses are utilizing a broad spectrum of video content to engage their users and are not only confined to direct advertisements of their products and services. Each video type has its own significance and hits the nerves of a specific audience, so choosing the right video format is essential. As the audience on each platform does not consume the video content, in the same way, they should also be further curated specifically to that particular platform. However, the basic structure and message will be crafted to gain Attention, hold Interest, arouse Desire, and elicit Action, (AIDA-model), and all aspects right from verbal to visual must be taken into account.

Customers show varied interests and behaviors during the buying journey, attracting, engaging, and inspiring them to a logical conclusion to buy and share through video is the ultimate aim.

Let’s look at the top seven video types

  1. Explainer Videos

Your target audience would like to know about your brand, how to purchase it, learn the features of your products, understand your services, etc. This kind of how-to or explainer videos can help them understand and guide them more effectively. They are a great way to show your customers how products truly benefit them. Even in the ways, they must not have thought about.

2. Animation Videos

Another interesting form of video, wherein abstract or complex information can be explained effortlessly in the form of animation. Animation is easy to consume, boosts retention ability, and keeps the audience engaged. This way animated videos can address the things that are most important and complicated to understand for your customers, along with improving your credibility and gain more followers. 

3. Testimonials

People like to hear what their peers think of your product or services, Testimonials are excellent to accompany your relation-building journey. They support your credibility, expertise and strengthen your reputation, as your client expresses the trust that they have in you and your business offerings.

4. Product Review Videos

95% of shoppers read/watch reviews before they buy and 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family, it is therefore critical for a business to leverage this type of video. Reviews persuade the customers through their buying journey; however, embellished and exaggerated reviews are a big NO-NO, as they can ruin your brand image and credibility.

5. Webinars

Webinars have recently gained high popularity due to social distancing and other COVID measures, but for the good. They are highly shareable, engaging, full of value, and easily scalable to accommodate a huge number of interested attendees without investing additionally. Effective and impactful webinars can elevate your audience engagement manifolds.

6. Event Videos

Your followers or target audience want to know about the life at your organization, the events, the behind the scenes of those events, new experiences, etc, and get a sneak peek about your work fabric, event videos can accommodate their curiosity and arouse their desire to be a part of that event. Done right, it can foster brand recognition and your audience will feel connected to you.

7. Live Videos

Viewing hours of live video content increased 65% over last year. Live videos can generate 10X engagement as they create suspense and your viewers are unaware of what would happen next. On top of this, it allows two-way communication, as they allow real-time communication. By answering their comments and interacting with them, instant gratification plays its role in making viewers highly satisfied.

People often avoid and skip advertisements and lack trust in the sales pitches nowadays, video marketing on social media and brand websites can showcase your expertise, usefulness, personality, and humanity rather than advertising your products. Right from searching your products to looking for product information and searching for experiences, the customer can engage and relate to the brand more effectively.

If you are willing to entice your audience and keep them engaged with visually appealing, entertaining, unique, and relevant videos. Our experts are just a click away.

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