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As you landed up here, you may be looking for increasing your sales or reduce your HIGH marketing expenditure, right? Whether you wish to outreach your audience, engage, build social relationships Or looking to explore the magic power of Digital Marketing - you are at right spot!

Manal is a leading agency that has digital marketing in its DNA. Our intriguing digital marketing services are what distinguishes us from the rest.

ROI Based Marketing

Do you consider digital marketing as an expense or investment? We believe it's an investment that can hit your profit targets. At Manal, Rol-based marketing is at the front and center. The holistic strategy and blend of the right platforms we adopt help you fetch more revenue.

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Digital content creation

Willing to appeal to your audience with professionally written social media posts, blogs, articles, infographics, whitepapers, web content, etc? Confused due to the information overload? We have a seasoned team to identify the right type of communication strategy and platform along with content that expresses your business more closely.

Video production and photography

Everything from storytelling to scripting to final production & promotion is required to be designed to touch the heart of your audience and leave a lasting impression of your brand. It's tricky to create magic with perfect text, visuals, and story, but we know how to get there!

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Technology and Design

Technology and Design are the two faces of the same coin. Considering both look and functionality through UI/UX is essential to provide a unified experience. We consider both to maximize the performance of your web, apps, etc by using selective technology.

Advocacy and Influencer Management

Stir the enthusiasm with advocacy strategies that have far-extending social reach. Employee Social Advocacy can take your brand to the next level, by identifying, inspiring, and nurturing your social advocates, as they can generate leads for you through their personal social networks. On the other hand, Influencer can help your brand reach the existing followers as they are the social influencers in their field.

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PR, Media Planning & Buying

Media planning involves sourcing and selecting the optimal combination of online and offline media outlet strategies along with the timing and platforms to execute them. This helps in connecting your brand with prospects and customers efficiently and at the right time right place.

3600 Degree Event Management

Endless ideas, creative thinking, and lots of experience are some of our secret ingredients to cater to you with 360-degree event management. Be it a one-to-one interaction or media round table we know the right tactics to make it successful and engaging.

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Digital Analytics

As a business what does Digital analytics means to you? How you can leverage it to drive returns? Well, Without this, it's like walking on a busy street blindfolded. As it helps you in redefining your marketing efforts, getting insights, and ensuring if your money is invested in the right direction by examining various aspects of digital marketing.

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