Ayusattva is a Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal care brand based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it offers a wide range of Hair & Skincare herbal products to its customers. Each and every herb in Ayurveda has a multitude of benefits - for the mind, body, and spirit. The brand is a niche in healing hair and skin problems with the power of Ayurveda.


Ayusattva Challenges

Acquiring & activating new leads and customers


Driving sales by leveraging its active presence in social media and through effective audience engagement.


Growing the fan base and their engagement in the social media space.


Forming a connection with customers through dialogue and participation


Answering questions and common queries of customers


Reducing service costs and save on traditional media like print media.

Social Media Marketing

We used relevant hashtags, keywords, and taglines in the post along with appropriate social media platforms to attract more impressions, more leads, and more customers.

One-step buying

We understand a complicated or tedious procedure of sighting & buying products can often make customers avoid the purchases. So with the aim to get a higher click-through rate and increase online sales of its hair and skincare products, we enabled a one-step buying.

Engaging Content

To form a connection with customers and keep the traffic on the channel we ensured to post timely, attracted customers with relevant offers, provided brief information about the product they are selling, and make our posts very interesting and engaging.

Customer Support

We understand a good customer service makes buyers feel confident in buying the products, so all our posts are open for feedback, wherein the customer has the liberty to express any positive or negative views regarding the product.

Organic Traffic

By carefully performing the keyword research, optimizing the social media profile of the client, and creating evergreen content, we attracted organic traffic to the page.





  • The brand achieved 10K per month outreach on FB & 5K on Intagram.
  • Generated 8% conversion leads with FB Advertisements particularly through messenger and whats app medium.
  • Received 30% audience engagement on FB and Instagram ads for herbal products event.

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