Custom Crochet is the brand that offers customized Purses, Clutches, Blouses, Slimbags, Mules, PotliBatwa, Shrugs, Decorative Items, and many more across India. The brand is based in Ahmedabad and is known for its fine craftsmanship in designing and developing branded and stunning crochet accessories.



Build a strong social media presence


Connecting with customers


Expand online sales and customer base


Reach a larger audience


Showcase the products online and increase in-store traffic.


Social Media Presence

Social media provides ways to reach new audiences that may fit with the brand, which is why we launched the FB and Instagram page for the brand to build its social media presence.

Consistent Posts

We ensured we consistently post about the new products on the social media channels and provide an opportunity to purchase these products with a single click. The customers can also provide their feedback, and share the product seamlessly.

Skyrocket Sales

We thoughtfully create the post with relevant hashtags, keywords, and taglines along with appropriate social media platforms to attract more impressions, more leads, and more customerswith the aim to boost sales and customer base.

Larger Reach

The person sitting in the far distance can view the product, how it looks, the details, and order the product, this way the brand can enhance its reach and generate sales beyond Ahmedabad.

In-Store Experience

On posting a new product the customer will get notified and view the product along with all details; however, if he/she wants to experience and explore more, they can reach the store. This way online presence may help in attracting in-store traffic.






  • The brands organic reach on Facebook grew by 8K/Month while enagement rate was at 4% for the key conversations.
  • The conversion ratio on leads with FB Advertisement was at 5% per month for dedicated campaign driven during Christmas festival.
  • Dramatic cost per lead was signifincantly reduced as per the traditional expenditure that brand incurred earlier.

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