Digital Syscom Private Limited is the Leading Distributor for Electronics And Home Appliances products in Gujarat. Established in the year 2013, Digital Syscom is dealing with a wide range of electronics & home appliances for well-known brands. Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously across Gujarat by providing quality products at reasonable prices and support

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Developing a strong connection with customers with a mobile app


Delivering news, offers, deals, coupons, & new products effectively


Establish a digital footprint by promoting a brand on websites, social media, etc.


Increase brand awareness with the help of a mobile app


Building user base & sales from the newly launched app

Targeting Local Audience

As customers on the go are more likely to engage with a business in their local community, so we developed an app that targeted the local community, it also was infused with features that delivered instant support and provide visibility on how customers are using it to make purchases.

Increase Click-through Rate

To achieve a higher click-through rate and convey the latest news, offers, deals, coupons, & new products we included a push notification feature in their mobile app.

Brand Promotion

The client wanted to establish a digital footprint, so we promoted the brand through blogs, articles, running a paid campaign, etc.

App Promotion

With the aim to promote the app, we optimized the brand’s app store title, developed a creative app store description, high-quality promo graphics, integrated keywords, performed an A/B test to find the most suitable graphics and texts for the app’s targeted audience, launched the Keyword Search Installs & App Review campaign and helped the brand to connect with the press kit along with other initiatives.

Social Media Marketing

We created FB, Instagram, and Twitter channels for the brand with consistency in delivering posts of products on regular basis with catchy messages and relevant hashtags.




  • The App has been downloaded by more than 500+ Users
  • Achieved Reach of 90K + audience for App Smart Campaign Drive
  • Average cost to conversion ratio for product campaign was 4.72%

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