Campaign Consolidation and Smart Bidding Helps Local Business Expand Into New Territories

The client is an India based D2C organic food domain company. They came to us looking to develop a playbook for increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) within existing markets, thereby increasing profits that can be reinvested in expansion into new regions.

Smart Bidding

The client operates in a competitive, highly fragmented market. They significantly benefit from economies of scale, as it’s much more cost effective to ship out 100 orders than it is to ship out 10. Therefore, they need to take big risks to aggressively capture as much market share as possible.

The shopping campaigns had traditionally been unprofitable, and the search campaigns were spread too thin. We needed to help focus on promoting the products that would yield the highest average order value, while increasing our flexibility to capture profitable business throughout the different regions.





  • 92% Increase in Shopping ROAS
  • 17% Increase in Search ROAS
  • 31% Increase in Shopping Conversion Rate
  • 168% Increase in Account-Wide Conversions

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